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    I just got done reading the forum on how mold can affect the growth of candida in your body by weakening your immune system. I found this very interesting because about a year ago we were living in a home that had black mold in it but we had no idea until after 6 months of living there. It was a cheap rental house that my husband, my 4 month old daughter and I lived in. We kept experiencing cold-like symptoms but couldn’t understand why. Well then those cold symptoms led to excruciating joint pain, memory loss, brain fog, loss of cognitive abilities, chronic fatigue, depression, and yeast infections.

    After reading The Ultimate Candida Diet, there is not doubt in my mind that my symptoms from the Black Mold and Candida went hand in hand. My husband and daughter didn’t develop it too bad, just a simple oral thrush, and it went away fairly quickly on it’s own. Mine, however, didn’t respond well to ANYTHING. My first reaction to it was to start trying homeopathic remedies that I came across on the internet, like hydrogen peroxide, garlic cloves, and apple cider vinegar. The hydrogen peroxide made it MUCH worse. I felt like it spread further up into my body because I had horrible cramping. It really scared me and so I immediately stopped trying that method. Then I tried inserting garlic cloves inside me. I didn’t mind smelling like garlic (my husband and I love that smell) but that didn’t do anything at all. So I tried inserting a tampon of straight apple cider vinegar. I must have tough skin or something because it didn’t really burn all that much, or maybe it’s my grandma’s voice in the back of my head saying “if it burns that means it’s working!” Well, that seemed to help. My husband and I also swished apple cider vinegar around in our mouths and swallowed it to get rid of the oral thrush. That seemed to work, but it also took forever! This yeast infection was harder to deal with than any past yeast infection that I or anyone else I knew had ever had! Well, I guess I can thank the Black Mold for that!

    So, I thought that my problems were gone because I didn’t have anymore itching. Wrong! It seemed as though it switched to bacterial vaginosis instead! This might have also been due to a hormonal imbalance because I had just had a baby and I was still breastfeeding. I did also get pregnant during all of this as well. For the longest time, I didn’t know that I had any problems because I didn’t really have any symptoms. I had some discharge, but I thought this was due to pregnancy and it didn’t really have much odor to it. Well, I found out that I wasn’t pregnant for some of this, just had similar symptoms because of the mold and candida. Almost a year later my discharge got even heavier and I realized that this wasn’t just from pregnancy (I did actually get pregnant a little further down the line). We were living in a different home now that was mold free, thank God! I didn’t know it was bv so I treated it as a yeast infection. I got a 3 day treatment from the store. I expected it to go away as the last yeast infection, but it didn’t. So I tried the 7 day treatment. Still no results. Then I noticed later that my discharge smelled less like yeast and more like fish. So I started to try and treat it as a bv infection. I did a little research and people said that apple cider vinegar worked for them. I tried the tampon, but that area was just too sensitive from the infection to shove a hard, blown-up tampon up there. So I tried shallow douching. Still no results. My midwife suggested making little inserts from coconut oil and tea tree oil. I did this and experienced some relief, but then I got a yeast infection the day after i tried it! I continued to do the inserts and the itchy symptoms subsided. But now, my discharge was no longer fishy but smelled more like yeast! So I started some probiotics in combination with this. Didn’t work. I tried a Ph balance from Refresh in combination with probiotics and inserts. Still nothing. Then I developed oral thrush in addition. UUUUGGGHHH!! JUST GO AWAY ALREADY!!!

    So here I am, nearing the end of my pregnancy and I’m starting to get desperate. If I don’t do something soon this baby is going to get all this bad bacteria and yeast as it passes through the birth canal and as a result may develop chronic problems because of it. I’m NOT going to take antibiotics and kill off all the good bacteria that I have been trying to get into my body. I know detox can be harmful to the baby because of the toxins that are released from your body and from the Candida as it dies off, but which is worse? The baby potentially
    developing chronic problems because of the lack of good flora and an abundance of Candida, or temporarily getting exposed to toxins from a detox and Candida die-off? You tell me, but I feel that the latter is the lesser of the two. So, does anyone have any suggestions? Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to follow phase 1 very strictly as I would HAVE to have protein. My body is pretty good at processing proteins anyway, so my normal diet consisted of high protein and starches (like pasta, whole grain bread, and jasmine rice) with very limited sugars and fruits (just not a fan of sugary stuff). I always had regular bowel movements, so I’m assuming nothing would change with this, especially since I would be cutting out all starches. I’m ready to try anything because I’m extremely concerned with the long-term effects the Candida would have on my baby if I don’t do something soon.


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    Well this is typically a long term battle, not a short one, so I don’t really have much advice. You can’t get rid of candida very quickly (like in a month) from my experience. I say you should just wait until after birth.



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    Yes, I agree. However, I’m trying to get as much of it treated as I can before the baby comes to help prevent any long-term problems in my child. If I can cut down on the amount of yeast from the vaginal infection and increase the amount of good flora, then maybe that combined with the antibodies that the baby will receive from breastmilk and then later from a good, healthy diet, the baby’s body will help fight off the candida in their body and so will not develop any long-term health problems. I’m afraid that if I wait after birth that the baby will not have gotten enough good flora from passing through the birth canal to fight the abundance of the candida and the toxins that it continually produces will harm my baby’s development and cause other major problems. However, the candida die-off may possibly cause harmful effects on my baby if I try to treat this as well. I guess it’s just a matter of how much toxins is my baby going to be exposed to? If I do this now then the baby will experience it for a short amount of time, but if I wait it may be a long-term battle and the baby may be exposed to toxins longer. I guess I just answered my own question, but I’m hoping that someone else may be able to provide more insight to all of this.


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    A Story I read about a multi millionaire who was impressed With the house from the movie “GONE WITH THE WIND” that he built an exact double for himself and his wife and child. After about five years his son got very sick and he developed Alzheimer. At work he would forget where he was and forget where he parked his car. They decided to check his house and found huge amounts of black mold and fungus in his basement. He moved out and his sons health came back and he came back to normal. Yeast overgrowth in the intestines cant be seen with a blood test or colonoscopy because yeast is microscopic and yeast eats and eats till you get chronic diahrrea or IBS-ULCERATIVE COLITIS OR CHRONS. I had candida yeast overgrowth and I cut out yeast bread and pizza and donuts and submarine sandwiches a year ago and am getting it under control. I stopped yeast next day my 15 trips to the bathroom stopped for over a year now. There are estimated 1.7 billion people in the world with yeast overgrowth who don’t. Even know what’s wrong with them. What do they all have in common they eat bread with yeast everyday. DO NOT EAT LEAVENED BREAD From the one who created bread.

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