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    It says they do not contain yeast, gluten or lactose.
    Says it does not contain sugar, harmful stimulants or preservatives.

    Not allowed anything sweet in this Candida diet but seeing as this contains soo many vitamins it might be allowed? Plus would maybe kill the craving for sweet stuff…

    I know the ingredients do have some big words in it but was wondering are there any specific ones in there that should be avoided?

    Citric Acid, Sodium hydrogen carbonate,
    magnesium sulphate, sorbitol,
    calcium carbonate, guarana seeds dry extract,
    magnesium carbonate, flavour(Acerola),
    colour(beet red juice powder), Mannitol,
    Sodium carbonate, Sweeteners(acesulfame K, aspartame) —maybe this is bad??
    There are plenty vitamins all 100% of you Recommended Daily Allowance.
    Other ingredients but my hand is getting sore typing now!

    Anything bad in the first lot that the Candida might try and live off if I drink it?


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    Sounds OK for the Candida diet but I used to drink those all the time they damaged my teeth.
    Citric acid erodes tooth enamel. There are lots of other stuff that could have done it but I think the 5 years I took a Berroca everyday did something. Use a straw but then that will not satisfy your sweet craving.
    The sweet craving eventually goes though. I used to be addicted to chocolate and now cannot even tolerate it. Too sweet.


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    The citric acid in Berocca is artificial and an unnecessary chemical to put in your body. Also citric acid is derived from a yeast. A candida no..
    Good luck!

    β€œIn health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties.” - Henri Amiel


    Topics: 3
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    Thanks Ninni and Anna for the replies!

    Not even pushed about chocolate or junk food. More the cravings for spuds and plain biscuits! ha!

    Never knew that about citric acid. Must remember it for the future.


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