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    So, I have just been a little frustrated a little lately. I have doing pretty good on trying to keep my cortisol levels stable, still acts up at times, but then I slow down, and remind myself that you need to calm down. Things will work out, and I am more clear-headed, get things done, when I am thinking straightly, or I realize that I just need to rest!

    One thing that never seems to get balanced is my digestion. I have felt better on this supplement, cholacol, that the nd recommends. However, then I feel I still get constipated, or it wants to come and come, but I can’t force it out.

    AF Betafood has helped in the past, too, really well, getting the gas and stools out, but it might have side effects afterwards at times.

    I just wish I could find a balance. One thing I noticed with the cholacol is that I am digest fat-soluble vitamins and fats, better with this supplement. I wish they tested my ejection fraction on my gallbladder a couple years ago.

    Do you think it would be a good idea to take both, or just stick to one? I am wondering if I could take sf722 again (fatty acid), if the cholacol helps me absorb a fish oil now in the morning. So many questions lately? Have a great day everyone, have to work on Sunday, boo. work never ends at a hospital.

    One thing I can’t wait for is my methylation results. I sent it in last week. I have taken a break for b-vitamins until I find out my results. I am anxious to know because I have felt really great taking some in the past that I don’t need extra support, energy-wise. However, I have taken some that make me anxious.


    Vegan Catlady
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    Wish i could be helpful here but I dont have first-hand experience with the supplements you are taking.

    I think thats why there are different protocols on this diet. Its tricky to find the supplements that play well with each other.
    I see that a few people will have lists of stuff they are taking a mile long.

    I know if I take advil, I cant have the herbs that usually make me feel better.

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