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    Hey, all πŸ™‚ This is one of my favorite summertime recipes – when the vidalia onions and fresh basil are in season. I’ve adapted it a little from a Denise Austin recipe. I made this before candida and I’ll continue to make it after, as well! Hope you enjoy!

    !!!For this recipe, you will need a medium skillet with a tight fitting lid or a sheet of aluminum foil to act as a lid!!! Recipe should take about 30 minutes including prep time and cook time.

    *2 organic, boneless skinless chicken breasts (make sure they’re free of antibiotics)
    *1-2 small zucchini, sliced
    *1 small to medium vidalia onion, halved and sliced (or other “sweet” onion if not in season)
    *1-2 cloves of fresh garlic, minced or pressed
    *1 handful fresh basil leaves, torn in medium sized pieces
    *extra virgin olive oil, as needed (evoo)
    *salt & pepper to taste (if you have no trouble digesting the pepper)

    Heat the evoo in a medium skillet over medium heat (not too hot, the evoo will be damaged at high heat). Brown chicken breasts on each side. Remove to chicken to separate plate for the time being. In same skillet, still on medium heat, sautee onion slices in evoo. When the onions begin to get translucent, add zucchini. Cook until onions begin to brown nicely and zucchini begins to get tender. Add garlic and sautee a minute or two more (garlic burns easily, it’s added later so it won’t scorch). Make sure there is enough moisture/oil in pan to keep veggies from sticking to the bottom, then give veggies a good stir and place browned chicken breasts on top of them. Place basil leaves on top of chicken. Cover and continue to cook on medium (possibly low-medium, depending on your stovetop and skillet material) until chicken is cooked through – maybe 10 to 15 more minutes (depending on thickness of chicken breasts). When chicken is cooked through, remove chicken to plates. Serve zucchini and onion sautee over brown rice with pan juices. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve with a side salad.

    YUM! I like to cut up my chicken breasts and mix it all togther with the brown rice. SO good πŸ™‚ This recipe is easy to double if you’re cooking for a family. Or, the extra chicken breast from a single batch is great sliced and eaten on salad for the following day’s lunch!

    By the way, if you’re enjoying Bragg’s Liquid Aminos on the diet, they make a tasty alternative seasoning instead of the salt and pepper.

    Let me know if y’all try this and like it! Hope you do!


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    I thought brown rice was forbidden on this diet???


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    winemom wrote: I thought brown rice was forbidden on this diet???

    When Hope was on the forum she had a rather mild case of Candida; at the point where she wrote that post she was well on her way to being completely cured, and she was also β€œvery” pregnant. She had to add complex carbs to her diet because of her need to gain weight and feed the baby growing inside her. Her recipe can be altered to fit the Candida diet.


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