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    I have been reading a lot about baking soda and its positive effects on candida infections… Some are drinking a spoon of bicarbonate per day to regulate the acidity of their gut… And they say its very efficient, even in kicking off candida…

    Has anyone tried?

    They say we should drink to avoid candida from returning



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    I used it for some time but I noted it makes your stomach acid even more alkaline, but you want the opposite, because your stomach acid will probably already have too little stomach acid.

    But I found out it is really good to use as a mouthwash. When I drink from a glass I always see a smeary residue on the glass where my lips touched it, I think that may be Candida, though I don’t have a white coating on my tongue.

    I think it’s so hard to fight Candida because it can hide in 3 places, so you have to clean all 3 places at the same time: Intestines, mouth and sinuses.

    So if you cleaned your intestines you just swallow your saliva and it’s back in the intestines.

    If you cleaned your mouth it will get back into the mouth over the sinuses. If you cleaned your mouth and your sinuses it can come back over reflux. And so on.

    I’m gonna try this now: Viracin (tannins) for the intestines, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) for the mouth and Xlear nasal spray (contains xylitol, saline and grapefruit seed extract).

    I also think PET (patulous eustachian tube) is a symptom of systemic Candida.


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    I noted when I do the mouthwash with sodium bicarbonate, my gums start to bleed after some days while toothbrushing.
    I don’t know if it is a good or bad sign.

    I remember some time ago when I used the toothpaste Parodontax Classic (the one without fluoride) I got the same gum bleeding. Maybe I should switch back to this toothpaste and look if the bleeding goes away if I just take it long enough. Probably it’s just healing the places where the Candida has been in the gums.

    Funny thing is that it is a toothpaste against gum bleeding. I found a German dissertation where it says it is the strongest inhibitor of Candida Albicans (page 31):

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