Avocado ?

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    I’m just reviewing the Allowed Foods List,and it includes avocado,which I thought was a fruit,so is it ok to have them? and how often? Basically I’m living on spirulina,maca,vegetables,vegetable juices,olive oil,Himalayan salt and steamed salmon for protein.
    Thank you in advance!


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    As with everything moderation is the key. Have 3-4 servings per week from my standards since it’s pretty fatty.


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    Yes, an avocado is a fruit but in fact, so are olives. The low sugar content and complete absence of starch make it an ideal food for a Candida diet.

    Basically, avocados are one of the most beneficial foods one can eat during a Candida treatment. They contain plentiful amounts of vitamins and minerals like potassium and natural sodium which help to keep the body chemically balanced. But the main reasons they’re excellent for a Candida diet is twofold; one, when eaten every day (up to three a day) they can help a lot towards preventing excessive weight loss while on an otherwise weight-loss diet. And two, they’re a perfect prebiotic when it comes to feeding the beneficial bacteria. In addition, they also contain antifungal properties. I really don’t know of a more perfect food when it comes to a Candida diet.



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    I have never been able to have avocado on the candida diet. My symptoms go through the roof on it – even if I eat 1/2 of a small avocado. Make sure that you pay attention to your symptoms when you reintroduce food. Not everyone is the same. (totally jealous of you can eat it though)

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