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    I figured out I had candida about 1-1/2 years ago. It took 4-1/2 years and 9 different kinds of doctors to figure out my problem. So I have been working on healthy living and diet since. I am really good, but then have a weakness in willpower. So still building up willpower for long term success. A few months ago when I was really hardcore on the diet I realized I was much calmer and had no nervous energy like always have had in my past. I figured out about 2 months ago I believe I have mild Aspbergers Syndrome. Mind you I am 46 (45 at time of aha moment). Sure made sense of my whole life though. So I read it seems that people with Autism and Aspbergers have more of a tendency to have candida and yeast issues. My mom told me I had alot of yeast infections as a baby as well. Also after more reading it turns out that the diet doctors put autistic children on to calm them, is basically the candida diet. Therefore no wonder I felt calmer, even before I knew why.

    The only other person I knew that had candida also has Aspbergers (realized now that I know the symptoms, became quite obvious).

    Anyway thought I’d see if there is anyone else out there that has Aspbergers or Autism along with candida. Just wondering now if with all my healthy eating, as well as trying to change my ph balance of blood am I destined to have this for life due to the aspbergers. Or if you have any other relevant information regarding this.



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    Definitely much more research should be done with Asperger’s Syndrome and autism both. However, some of the research that has already been reported points at the possibility of yeast in the stomach being a possible cause. That’s a big find if you ask me.
    The research also suggests that the foods which are normally linked to Candida are also triggers of autism and Asperger’s.

    I don’t know about you, but it sounds logical to me that a long term treatment for Candida would benefit Asperger’s or autism as well.


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    We believe my son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is 3 yrs. old. We put him on a GFCF (gluten free, casein/dairy free) diet several months ago and he is amazingly improved in his behavior, eye contact, he’s even starting to eat a more varied diet. We have been on the yeast cleanse diet for 3 1/2 days and we see improvement in his speech and behavior.
    I just had a phone appointment with my nutritionist, Dr. Fred Bisci, and was discussing my son’s condition with him. He’s a phenomenal nutritionist, imo, and he kept stressing the importance of a good probiotic. The brands he told me were: Progurt (this is Australian, very expensive but absolutely amazing stuff), Pharmix, I believe, and also his own strain you can purchase on his website.
    As far as a prognosis, I have read that Jenny McCarthy’s son was cured of autism, due to a good diet and antifungals (probiotics).

    My nutritionist said that the first thing that needs to happen is to clear out and heal the gut. He advised against any breads, processed or packaged foods (even yeast/gluten free ones for now.) He recommended eating whole foods – millet, brown rice, have a plant-based diet, and probiotics were extremely essential.

    This is fascinating:

    I saw this not too long ago. This a young man who has aspberger’s and had major improvement on a gfcf diet. He also has other before and after videos. It’s amazing.

    Imo, with all the research I’ve done for my son, he was most affected in his condition by immunization shots. There is pretty much no doubt in my mind of this. I think his recovery is long, but I’m hoping his symptoms continue to diminish to zilch. 🙂
    Just our experience..


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    Thank you for taking time to share that information with us. I sincerely hope your son’s improvement is as phenomenal as your nutritionist appears to be.



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    First tell your parents or guardian you suspect something may be affecting you.
    Suggest going to the doctor and to give him/her a call.
    If the doctor refers you to someone, call them.
    Make the appointments with either of the two.

    I was evaluated by a counselor and she asked me questions about my childhood. Particularly my social and academic skills. She asked me about my interests as a child and now. She asked me about my inability to read people very well and many things common to Aspies. She then gave me a test, mine was called the CEP-R (I think) test which evaluated how well I did socializing, reading others behavior and emotions etc.

    She talked to me and then brought out the DSM and I matched most of the criteria for Asperger’s Syndrome and she diagnosed me.

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