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    Hi guys,

    I’m following the diet closely and I’m not yet at the ‘foods to reintroduce stage’. In the stage I am in now, am I allowed arrowroot flour? A lot of bread recipes use it and I’m hoping that I can make a decent bread out of it. All the breads I’ve tried turn out really disgusting and sandy in texture. I’ve tried almond flour, coconut flour, quinoa flour (this was a the most yuck!), buckwheat flour and any combination of all of these that you can think of. Still no good.

    Also, some of the recipes on this site say to use organic butter. Is this truly ok or is it a cheat? Butter is dairy after all. What is it about the dairy that makes it bad? For example, if it is lactose, I can get lactose-free milk with ease locally. A lot of recipes would benefit from the thickening properties of milk without adding a sour taste (as is the case if you use a probiotic yoghurt instead). If it is something else other than the lactose, then I’d better stick to almond milk.

    Thanks in advance for the advice!!

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