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    Nutri Whole Pituitary

    Opinion on this antifungal? I think it sounds great!

    The main problem is that they both contain gum acacia, caramel, riboflavin AND cellulose. Should I take these supplements or take them back?!



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    All nutrispore is, is a multi-antifungal product. It would be best to take each antifungal seperately. Additionally, this is why you shouldn’ take a multi-antifungal:–Why-we-SHOULDNT-do-it.aspx

    The ingredients should be fine but I am unsure whether treating your pituitary will bring much change. I would spend your money on other stuff that is more effective, a good brain supplement is super neurogen by genestra.



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    You can use the Nutrispore if you want to, but you’re probably wasting your money. The reason is because there are so many different substances that you won’t be receiving enough of any one item to really make a difference; a small amount of a lot of different substances is still a ‘small’ amount.

    I don’t know anything about the Nutri Whole Pituitary; the ingredients are probably alright, but just wondering why you think you need it.


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