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    Hi ,
    I have a severe candida overgrowth for more than a decade now and have been on the path of recovery for 8 weeks now. I am on the diet pretty strictly (my slips include things like boiled potatoes and rice once every few weeks) . I also take various antifungals that I rotate every 1-2 weeks as well as probiotics. Even though the symptoms have alleviated, I still have a bad white cover on my tongue and my skin spots are still present. Wandering if I should do a parasite cleanse with Black walnut hulls, cloves, and Wormwood for a week and then liver and gallblader cleanse right after with olive oil and epsom salts. Afraid to mix so many ingredients together though. Has anyone done any of these while taking antifungals and probiotics ?



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    Hello, Jasmine.
    If you do a cleanse you should stop taking the antifungals until afterwards; the probiotics should be alright. Read the following posts for more information.

    A Simple-Safe Cleanse

    The Protocol


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