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    Hello! I am wondering what your most effective antifungals and probiotics have been. Right now I am taking Natures Way Oregano Oil capsules (75-85% carvacrol, diluted with flax oil). Are these sufficient or would another brand or the undiluted essential oil be more effective? I like oregano oil because I can take it every day without any ill effects and because someone on curezone did a study on which antifungals also killed beneficial bacteria. All antifungals used in his trial destroyed intestinal flora to some degree except for oregano oil.
    I’m also using a black walnut, clove and wormwood tincture and I try to take a teaspoon of coconut oil a day but I hate the texture. Is it okay that I am using three (technically 5) antifungals at once? Is there anything I should be doing differently?
    Probiotics tend to make me feel really crappy. Kefir and sometimes yogurt are the only ones that seems to work really for me. Are they beneficial, even though they contain dairy?
    I’m new to the candida diet so I don’t quite understand the logic in taking antifungals and probiotics at the same time. How has this worked out for everyone? Any ill effects from taking both?



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    Hello there,

    3-5 antifungals is good enough and I would stick with this for the time being. In 6-8 weeks or when one of the bottles run out, I would rotate to something like garlic or SF722.

    I believe SF722 does not destroy beneficial bacteria but I could be wrong.

    The trick with dairy is to try to get yogurt in with as low sugar as possible. Greek yogurt contains the least amount of sugar when compared to regular yogurt. Some people are allergic to dairy/lactose and they should not eat cow derived products. They are beneficial despite containing lactose, dairy, and sugar.

    For me, taking antifungals and probiotics at the same time has worked out great and it hasn’t been a problem.

    We suggest these probiotics:



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    I got a lot of benefit from oil of oregano as it is anti-inflammatory as well. However, I used it too long and recently noticed some skin issues which I thought had to be from one of the supplements, though I didn’t know which one. When dvjorge brought up how toxic eugenol in oil of oregano was when I came to think it was what caused the skin issues. Just saying, it’s not only a good idea to rotate antifungals to keep candida guessing but, perhaps prevent the body from a toxic reaction. Too early to say whether discontinuing the Oil of Oregano will resolve the skin issues but, wish me luck….

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