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    Is it necessary to wait until Stage 2 to start the antifungals? If so is there a reason for this? Or, can I start antifungals earlier? (I’m planning on Caprylic acid and Pau d’Arco tea). I am on Day 4 of the 7-day cleanse. Thanks for any responses!


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    Hi, Steph;
    I suppose all any of us can do is to tell you what we did that worked for us, and please keep in mind that everyone is different in some way.
    I’ve been on the phase 1 Candida diet for about five months. I started the antifungals a week after I received a horrible die-off experience, which was about a week after starting the diet. In other words, two weeks into the diet. Have you experience a day of die-off symptoms yet? By the way, every time I’ve experienced a die-off day, that day was followed by a day of pretty bad diarrhea. When this happens, you’ll know that the body is ridding itself of dead Candida and their toxins.

    So unless you’ve received at least a day of die-off symptoms, I’d definitely wait for that to happen before starting any antifungal remedies, and then start with only one. The reason for all of this is of course the die-off itself, doing both the diet and the antifungal before you’ve experienced any die-off symptoms can only make the first time you experience the die-off worse than necessary, and believe me, it can be pretty bad some times. However, in my opinion is it’s well worth it.

    Please let us know how you’re doing from time to time.
    Thanks, Able


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    I was going to say exactly was Able said 🙂

    Stick with the diet for a little whole first, just to get your candida counts down some. Then, hopefully, your die-off symptoms won’t be nearly so difficult when you start the antifungals later.

    I don’t think my candida was very pronounced, my die-off symptoms were quite mild. Really tired, extra edgey. That’s all. I’m just starting week 8 of the diet and only used natural antifungals like coconut oil and garlic.

    Hope this helps!

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