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    Being on the strict diet, obviously I understand the impact antibiotics have on your body. Having been doing this for 16 months I am constantly scared of infection or illness that could result in me having to have a course of them and undo my good work. On Thursday I had a tooth extracted and before doing so I checked that it wouldnt mean I’d need antibiotics unless I had complications. This was assured to me. Since last night the pain has been worse, not better, so I am now concerned about infection. Typical that it is the weekend and there are very few dentists out there willing to help on a Saturday! I’ve increased my probiotic intake just in case.

    Anyway some of you may remember that I posted a panicky topic on here last November about my mum. She’s had antibiotics about once a year for the last 20 or so years and secretly I put my infestation purely down to her. I wasnt breast fed. She smoked during pregnancy. Had many fillings at the time of my birth and smoked like a trooper until 10 years ago. I got ill very often too, where I had many doses of antibiotics, up until about 3 years after moving out of my parents house. Thats when I realised it wasnt “just one of those things” that was the reason for me having this infestation. In November she needed antibiotics for a chest infection but the antibiotics gave her severe diarrhoea. I pleaded with her to not ask the doctor for different ones but thats exactly what she did and got. “Oh it was probably just an allergic reaction to them”. Hmm. Well she took them and got better. This week she got a cold and lost her voice. I pleaded with her to do her best to shift it before the inevitable, including almost begging her to take more than the recommended dose of the expensive probiotics I gave her last November. Thats right, she didnt use them last November! Yesterday she went to the Dr about her cholesterol test results and came away with antibiotics for her cold. I was so disappointed. However my Mum seemed to enjoy it when she told me that she thinks antibiotics are “wonderful”. I didnt comment.

    This evening I called my parents to tell them about the fun day of pain I’ve had and how it upsets me to think i might have to have antibiotics. My dad decided to give me a talk on how he has refrained from saying so so far but that he thinks there could be something “very seriously wrong” with me because of my intolerances etc and that I should have persisted with the doctor, rather than seeing a nutritionist. Anyway, as much as I love my dad, he does come out with some utter rubbish. He told me that our bodies naturally create good bacteria which replaces what is lost through antibiotics.. and that antibiotics are a wonder drug.. something we as a race cant do without. For goodness sake!!

    I can only hope that this naivety/obliviousness/ignorance is down to their generation and that they are unwilling to expand their mind and believe something that isnt pushed by the NHS. They’ve both seen the responses that were written on my topic about my Mum and yet they still refuse to believe it. Do they really think i’d spend hundreds of £s on supplements and probiotics every month on something that isnt true?!

    So thats my rant. I havent been able to see a dentist because its Saturday evening and basically no one cares enough to see me. We are away visiting relatives so my best chance is to call my own dentist tomorrow and if they think I need to go in, we’ll have to drive 3 hours to get to them because no one will see me locally. The pain has gone through advice given to me on the phone from NHS Direct but i cant get out of my head that the skin on my cheek and jaw feels strange. Thats what makes me think i could have an infection. I’m not entirely certain that my face isnt slightly swollen but even if it is, unless i’m having breathing problems too, no one (A&E or emergency dentists) is interested.


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    Your father isn’t totally incorrect in what he says about the use of antibiotics, they have done a lot of good for a lot of people and I would include myself in that too yet I have CFS/IBS and Candida following the overuse of antibiotics.

    Used when appropriate they are an essential form of treatment and we need to remember that it’s the overuse of antibiotics that are a problem, not the use of them in general.

    I would have thought that somebody without a suspected Candida infection could probably rely on their system to recolinse quite easily and they will find it hard to see why we, as sufferes of a suspected Candida infestation aren’t able to also, given the fallacy that Candida is purported to be. If I was told that I needed to take antibiotics again, I wouldn’t be entirely reticent, as long as I was sure it was absolutely necessary.


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    Try to find the way to get them by shots !! No orally.



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    Play them “antiobiotics: a pathway to disease”


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    I’m brand new here though I’ve been lurking and trying to read up on everything. I had expected my first post to be on the Candida Stories thread, but I saw this and couldn’t resist. How did I get here? On July 1st I had a surgery to implant a stent into my left ureter because a 5mm kidney stone was stuck in there. Multiple doctors also misdiagnosed me as having a UTI (I’m a male). I was prescribed Cipro 500mg, twice a day for 5 days. This is a ‘black label’ medication (meaning it’s one step away from being removed from the market), but the label was not put on my bottle. Having not been in a hospital since 1985, I was also naive about antibiotics and figured they were all as safe as penicillin. After 9 pills I googled Cipro and found a million horror stories. Within days I could not walk and have been housebound since with a plethora of problems, including bodywide tendonitis, Massive muscle loss, neuropathy, and…you guessed it…a serious case of Candida overgrowth. I have no doubt (in hindsight) that I had Candida issues before Cipro, but now it’s officially an overgrowth.

    Sometimes the problem isn’t the antibiotic, it’s that doctors are clueless about them and give a ‘last line of defense’ drug like Cipro and Levaquin out as a ‘first line’ defense. Cipro and Levaquin (fluoroquinolones) are chemotheraputicals created for Anthrax exposure, cancer, and life or death infection cases. Not UTI or bladder infections. One facebook page for Cipro sufferers has over 1,000 members, many of whom will never recover fully if at all. I believe I will and from day one of learning about this have made moves to do so. Now I have to try and figure all this Candida stuff out.

    Oh, and the kicker is, that stone is STILL stuck in my left ureter. I’m up to over $8,000 in debt to doctors who have turned me from a healthy person into a (temporarily) disabled person overnight…and they didn’t even resolve my issue.

    You want to talk about infection worries? Try peeing blood all day, knowing you have an open internal injury, with a depleted immune system, and then learning you have fungal growth flowing through your body. Oh, and now it’s clearly going to require surgery to remove the stone since it won’t come out on it’s own. But I’m not going to take an antibiotic as a preventative…only if an actual infection occurs. But that in itself is terrifying. It’s all terrifying.



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    As a person who’s candida seems to have stemmed from a toxic mold exposure, I too share your negative feelings towards antibiotics. I realize there is a time and need for them and they have saved a ton of lives but due to most doctors gravitating towards being lazy, they are over prescribed which is the real problem. If you have something serious that needs antibiotics, by all means but when a doctor would rather throw antibiotics at you until the cows come home instead of taking the time to figure out what is really wrong with you, that is where it becomes frustrating.

    I seen 7 doctors over the problems I’ve had with sinus congestion, headaches, ear infections list goes on and on. 3 of those doctors prescribed antibiotics, the other 3 just said it was allergies and sent me on my way. None of them entertained the idea that toxic black mold exposure is a real issue nor did they entertain the idea that it could cause candida. Trying to tell a doctor you have candida is like convincing someone you own a unicorn. It’s pointless.

    So not only did the toxic black mold send me into a world of hurt but the 3 rounds of antibiotics also made things way worse for me.

    Antibiotics is like a nuclear assault on your body. Sure it will get rid of the bad stuff but you are going to totally F up the good bacteria too and used enough times, the bad bacteria can suppress the good bacteria from repopulating.

    Gut flora imbalances can cause a WIDE variety of problems. Food allergies and intolerances, sinus congestion, sore throats, constipation, diarrhoea etc.

    If I ever get back to normal, I’ll be a lot more careful about accepting antibiotics.


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    I can’t argue with that, Smitty. As a matter of fact, the tiles around the only toilet in my house I have access to are covered in a dark mold. I’m not sure what to do about that, though physically I cannot tend to it myself.

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