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    I’ve done all my research and I’m now pretty much convinced I have a candida overgrowth problem.
    For a few year years now I’m chronically fatigued, have terrible constipation, and get skin rashes. I notice my symptoms get really bad when I drink alcohol or consume junk food like pizza, cakes, and chocolate.
    I’m wondering if I just cut out the junk strictly, do I really have to go and buy all these anti-fungals and supplements which I really can’t afford?
    Can I get rid of the candida by diet only?
    Would appreciate any advice..


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    The diet will keep the candida under control somewhat but once you give in and eat junk it will come back.
    I would say at the very least get the following. Both natural effective anti-fungals.

    Organic virgin coconut oil..take 2 tablespoons a day with food.
    Fresh garlic every evening after dinner..mix 2 to 3 cloves with a large glass of water.

    If you can do the cleanse with psyllium husk and bentonite clay as well.

    Oh and try applying Organic, raw, unpasturized ACV on your skin rash. Mix 50/50 and apply or add a cup to your bath. It should help!


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    Mia wrote:

    If you can do the cleanse with psyllium husk and bentonite clay as well.

    Do you suggest to use the tablet or powder form of Psyllium husk and bentonite?


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    I have had alot of food alergies/congestion from candida. Therefore if you have similar problems, I would suggest checking with a naturopath before starting antifungals. My body couldn’t handle a couple of them, and gave me killer headaches due to allergic reaction. After that she allergy tested me (kinetic) how my body would react to it, so was able to find a couple anti-fungals that would work for me.
    Still got a couple killer headaches about once a week during first month, but think that was more with die-off, since head always felt a little bit clearer afterwards.

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