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    Since been on the diet, the candida has shown up in rashes on my face, it’s very painful and incredibly irritating. Was just wondering if there are any anti fungal topical face creams or washes out there.

    I’ve googled it, and it looks like the majority of them are vaginal creams or for athlete’s foot.


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    Apparently coconut oil is a great skin cream also


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    I am not sure what is helping could be a combo of diet and oil I use. But I use coconut oil and oregano oil. Oregano oil burns but coconut oil is refreshing. I started with coocunt oil and it seemed to be working around my ears and when my oregano came in I started using that as well and now my rash above my upper lip and around my nose is starting to clear up. I am not 100% what is doing it and I dont care 🙂 I am just happy that its clearing up.


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    Also, you might want to look at your diet. Perhaps you are adding too much spices in your food for instance? This could give your body too much fire.

    As a soothing cream I would try ghee. Its supposed to help against burns aswell.


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    Coconut oil is commonly used for cosmetic purposes by healthy people, so maybe its anti-fungal properties could help your condition too.

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