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    I have posted on here before; hoping for some help.

    Before I thought my problem was yeast, but after some more reading around, I think it is actually a combination of yeast, h pylori, and autoimmune issues.  Looking for help as I am pretty much disabled right now and desperately need to get a handle on this.  I’m a stay at home mom and my parents are the only help we have… and they are really pushing their limits to help us.

    Here’s my most relevant history:

    After my second child was born, everything was ok until my period started at 6 weeks (sorry, tmi, but it’s relevant).  It was the day it started that I got an anaphylactic reaction to breastfeeding.  My milk would let down, and my face would start swelling.  Previous (before he was born), I had this strange reaction where my eye would swell shut.  I had 2 miscarriages and it happened severely after each one of them.  It also happened after my son was born.  I realized then that it was related to the time of the month and what I ate.  If I ate a lot of processed grains (yeasty foods) around my period, it was more likely to happen and be severe.

    So I had this severe anaphylactic reaction to breastfeeding.  I took benadryl and it did nothing.  I went to urgent care and got a steriod shot and pepcid.  It still kept happening.  I stopped breastfeeding cold turkey, but of course, my milk kept letting down, so it kept happening.  I went to the hospital by the afternoon.  I got antihistamines around the clock and another shot of steriods.  I filled with fluid.  My legs, my arms.  It felt like my arms were pushing against something painful, and then I realized, they weren’t… it was just the pressure from all the fluid under my skin.  I left the hospital in the morning because it tentatively seemed like things were better.  They weren’t.  I continued having the reaction when my milk let down, and food seemed to be a major issue too.  I went back to the hospital a couple days later.  By then, I was nearly crazy from out of control anxiety caused by medications.  They gave me more antihistamines and ativan.

    It’s almost 4 weeks later.  I am on the verge of losing my mind every night from what the meds did to my brain.  I am trying to slowly get off the ativan.  That is a nightmare in and of itself.  Meanwhile, EVERY single thing I eat is triggering a low grade anaphylactic reactions.  EVERYTHING.  Even drinking water.  Food also has a bizarre effect on my brain now that never used to happen.  It’s like everything I eat goes straight to my brain – anything slightly sugary makes me way too giddy.  Other things give me excruciating headaches.  Thankfully the effects are somewhat short lived because I don’t eat much.  But there is the other thing – I need to eat!  And I need to eat more foods.

    I am seeing every allergist I can.  The allergic reaction, even after drinking water, sounds very much like h pylori from reading around on forums.  After I got out of the hospital, I was taking amoxicillian for a UTI (had never tested positive for a UTI in my life).  I didn’t completely finish the prescription because I was reacting to so many things… I missed a couple doses here and there. Well, after reading, one day I made myself react terribly by experimenting with a pea sized piece of pizza.  It was like a bomb went off in my mouth… then the throat and eye swelling started.  I took some a dose of antibiotics.  I started feeling better several minutes later.  The rest of the day I reacted much less.

    I have battled thrush, etc for years.  I think some of my symptoms are yeast related, but I think the anaphylaxsis is caused by angry h pylori.

    Anyways, does anyone have insight on where I could go for help?  This is beyond my control and I need some direction to specialists.  I can’t try anything extreme for experimenting on my own because I’m pretty much on the verge of going crazy (for real) or dying of anaphylaxsis every day.  I was encouraged in a short post about low dose allergy treatments, although… it seems that my body is producing an allergic reaction to *everything.*  I did find an LDA allergist in my area and I’m going to check there.

    Least reactive foods:

    Chicken, Fish, bone broth made from chicken

    I also eat potatoes, summer squashes, sweet potatoes, was eating blue berries in the morning – but then had a morning where it made me feel manic, so I stopped.  I am in my supposedly reactive time during my cycle if I’m right about hormones influencing this, so I will try again another day.  I try to eat greens (kale and spinach) too.

    I have legumes here and there when I am feeling brave.

    One allergist suggested I try Zrytec (however you spell it) and it was probably the worst night of my life.  After that, I decided no more antihistamines… I’d rather die than go crazy.  The allergist I am seeing now who seems to believe me and be more open to things… he suggested I try vitamin D, so I did… mouth erupted with ulcers, my mouth was so sore and I developed bad upper left abdomen pain.  Looked it up… apparently it lowers the immune system.  Makes sense that it would help with allergies, but might have given aggressive micro organisms a chance to hurt my mouth.  I *carefully* gargled with olive oil and it helped immensely, but I couldn’t let it touch my throat because it felt like fire.  It did make the ulcers shivel up.  I stopped the vitamin D and they went away.

    I am still having anaphylaxsis to emotions and other scenarios… all of them logically happen when prolactin is released (suddenly chilled, interacting with my son – super devestating, stress).  Sometimes I do barely feel a let down, and sure enough, it happens.

    I am doing as much testing as I can as long as it isn’t invasive.  I was going to do a breath test for h pylori, but then found out you have to ingest urea.  If my theory is correct, and it’s h pylori, and that aggravates it, I could die from that.  So… going to hold off on that.  In the hospital, my liver enzymes were elevated, and I showed signs of dehydration despite the fact that I shouldn’t have been.  I continue to feel thirsty with super dry eyes even though I am drinking a ton of water (I found that if I walk while drinking, it curtails the reactions some). My liver enzymes are normally fine… the only time they have been elevated before was when I was severely ill from mono.  I think my monophils also were abnormal from the hospital visit.


    Thoughts appreciated!


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