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    I started the candida protocol about three months ago, and this website has been a blessing! I feel like I am taking too many supplements, though each has a good purpose.

    Fish oil (1,000 mg) – 4 daily
    Multivitamin – 2 daily
    Probiotic – 1 dose daily
    Natural antifungal – 1 dose daily
    Liver support pills
    Magnesium – 2 doses daily

    Plus now I’m looking into taking Inulin for my constipation. I feel like an addict when I take all of these pills! Thoughts?



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    Lots of people take a lot more than that!!

    Have you considered getting some of those nutrients from food? E.g. Sardines and salmon for the fish oil, pumpkin seeds and avocado for the magnesium. They will be more bioavailable than supplements too.

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