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    Morning Guys,

    It’s me again.

    I’m still feeling quite weak and moody a lot, but I haven’t cheated on my diet/cleanse. I’ve been on stage 1, or, as many like to call it stage 0, for two weeks now. I did the liver flush for the past 3 days also: water, garlic, olive oil, ginger- yikes! But I did it anyway. I’ve also been sticking to vegetables only, and organic boiled eggs, as I needed a little bit of protein to at least be able to walk.

    I have been coughing and spitting out weird stuff lately and also some weird discharge…I hate describing this, makes me uncomfortable, but…I guess I’m still die off-ing!?
    4 days ago I had severe diarrhea for a few hours, and then it stopped, and I have been constipated ever since. I read somewhere on here that you shouldn’t move on to the next stage until you have normal bowel movements again, which I’m not having right now.

    Should I keep eating veggies and wait or should I start eating maybe some brown rice which might help with that?

    And before I forget- is Pilaf rice okay for stage 2? Let me know if you have a link with recipes/foods that are good for that stage.


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    It’s time to go off the cleanse, Lily, in fact I’d say it’s past time. Do you not have my diet? This is one that isn’t on the forum or website, but that I have to send you. Most of the forum members have it.


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