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    Hi, all so I’m try bit up my candida in last 7 days. I already had very bad die-off symptoms like muscule pain, vomiting, brain fog, fever, sinus … and today i get new one !!! When I woke up my eye and upper lip was litte bit sore and painful. I couldn’t see propely in sore eye 🙁 and I know is my fault cause I ate yesterday cashew nuts( in here there are on list to avoid,but after research more about I decide to try them). And I’m saying now NEVER MORE!!!!!

    Now I’m getting better, cause I drunk weater with lemon juice and take supplements like omega-3 and magnesium whit B6. Hope this will gone and I’ll not end up in hospital :((((

    BE AWARE FROM NUTS !!!! Don’t be stupid like I was..


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    If you are allergic to anything, it pretty much means you have leaky gut.

    Check out this post:

    This is exactly why we suggest you save things like nuts for phase 2.


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