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    I know it’s wrong but I’m going to a wedding in Sicily and please can you advise me the best drink to drink? I’m assuming vodka lime and soda? There is no option for me not to drink and I will make up for it after, but any advice would be greatly appreciated!?
    Thanks 🙂


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    Just know that f you drink even one alcoholic beverage, you’ve fed the Candida and there will be more of an imbalance, thus prolonging your treatment period.

    Why is it not an option to avoid alcohol? Is there a law?

    I suppose if you’re going to drink, a low alcohol content wine would be best, otherwise, maybe vodka, at any rate, expect symptoms to occur.



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    Potatoe Vodka is the best I’ve heard(from a friend) but haven’t drank for 4-5 months now.

    We have this gluten free apple cidar (alcohol) here in my town and that sounds like maybe the 2nd best option. Maybe order some of that and bring it to the wedding?

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