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    I’m going to start my diet very soon, just waiting for my bentonite clay to show up. I suffer from hay fever, but am able to keep it under control when I take some droplets with plant extract in a glass of water, but the droplets contains 19% ethanol when un-mixed.

    Would this be a problem?

    I hope that someone can answer me this 🙂


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    no i heard on poland doctors recommend a spirit, it contains hazelnut skin throw hazel nuts into the spiritus and leave to flument in the bottle its not great at all to taste but contains ethanol and kills candida, so i dont belive that this whole diet has to be yeast and sugar free, its logical sence.

    very little sugar, very little carbs, very little gluten and allot of probiotics even over doesage for example drink kefir with probitotic supplements, candida needs to feeds but reducing its food to grow and having more probiotic in you than candida in the diet will soon see you balance quickly.


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    It’s only 19% of a few droplets. If you need to take then you should as it’s only a tiny amount.

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