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    I wanted to know what I can do after I do the diet and get the candida under control

    Can I have an occasionally beer and pizza?

    Right now I have been doing the diet since sept. I have cheated occasionally. it is not the easiest diet to stay on.

    Recently I did have a few beers and pizza and my skin broke out on my face and my chest. Before doing this diet, i have never experienced anything like that. I would drink a dozen beers and pizza. I am not sure if the sensitivity is b/c I am close to getting it under control. But regardless, I do want to get to the point where I can do that. Or do I have to be this strict for now on.



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    I have been struggling with this question for months. Here’s a post I started about it:


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    You should be able to do anything without any detriment.



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    I tried a candida diet for around 6 months while still allowing beer and alcohol every other weekend – it is basically like spinning your wheels. Now I’m around 11 months of strict diet, which also means no alcohol at all. For my case, the liver has been incredibly important – so refueling the candida and hurting the liver with alcohol doesn’t make sense. It is like working out for 2 hours and then eating a pizza for dinner, with beer and candy bars for dessert and expecting to get in shape.

    It has been incredibly difficult as well, but it has made me realize that candida or not, drinking 12 beers and eating pizza is not a sustainable habit. My friends are getting fatter and fatter because of it 🙂

    My goal is to be cured, and be able to splurge on occasion. So with that goal in mind, I am strict about the treatment so I can actually get there. The more you cheat, the longer the treatment!


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    Thanks everyone. I have been on NYSTATIN and I did have another flare up today.

    I saw that thread about h.pylori or SIBO. The food I eat seems to be a trigger on what happens with my skin. The question is what is the underlying problem. Since I am taking a antifungal medicine (NYSTATIN) and I did have coco oil today. I would think both of them would counter act the bagel and wine at dinner.


    I am thinking it could be SIBO.


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    @ChinUp. I have been also done the diet for 6mos+. With the rare occasion of red wine. Never beer up until lately. very frustrating since this is taking so long.

    Right now I dont know the root cause. But for now I am going to stay on the diet and avoid anything that will trigger it. Hopefully my dr will do some more tests to pinpoint the exact issue.



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    i too have the skin problems, are you taking any milk thistle to help the liver? if it’s backed up and the kidneys you’ll have more skin issues.

    last night i came across a recipe for a facial, basically juice 1 lemon and lightly rub that in with washcloth, then it called for yogurt i used kefir and massaged that in for 5 minutes. it definitely decreased the 2 zits i had and made my skin super smooth

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