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    I had to stop taking supplements for a while because I was taking a test, and after I thought it went surprisingly well.
    Well here is the update:

    I am kinda starting to feel like I used to:
    I feel my body is swollen, I get cellulites easily, I got some rashes on my eyelid, some muscle pains,.

    I want to tell myself that I am ok, that I don’t need the supplements, but maybe I do..

    what I used to take was basically herbs and olive leaf extract.
    now I have been trying to take vitamins, because I have deficiencies, but I find it hard to without swelling up like crazy.
    I just feel like I’m in an uncomfortable state right now 🙁 and I kind of regret stopping them.
    often times going to get help has done me more harm then good.

    I guess I will slowly truing to take some supplements again.

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