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    I am absolutely blown away with all the information. I have had skin problems on my jawline and chin for over 15 years and have never truly understood why.
    I also have problems with my immune system they are always so low, 2.9 my white blood cells last week. And I also have ulcerative colitis and chronic pancreatis. As a result of all this I do not drink or smoke. My only vice really is some chocolate or cake for desserts. I’m really fascinated by all this answers would love to try anything you could possibly recommend to me? As you can imagine I get quite down and feel depressed a lot of the time, I cry often and also suffer from heart palpitations. The description is so accurate on your page.
    I would be so grateful for any advice.
    Many thanks


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    My leucocites were 3.2. I didn’t know that the low leucocite count was related to fungal overgrowth. Anyone has more information about that?


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    I would think that the weak immune system would be the cause of Candida and the various health problems, not the result of it.

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