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    I have been on the strict diet for 11 weeks in the last few weeks have started introducing new foods. I am now having a few candida symptoms and have got no idea what has set them off.
    If anyone can give me advise it is much appreciated. I have introduced quinoa, tahini, seeds, rice cakes, bean sprouts wondering if I am reacting to any of these also have been told conflicting information about eggs. I am confused again.
    Thanks for reading Patsy


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    It is pretty early still I’m 5 months into the diet and I haven’t introduced anything outside of the protocol. You should wait til you are symptom free and have no ore die off just to be safe.


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    Tahini and rice cakes have most likely set you off.


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    Also when introducing new items, add one item at a time..and wait 3-7 days to see if you have any sort of reaction. if you dont, then try the next item. Also take only a few bites to start..then add more next time as your body adjusts to that item. too much too soon can cause a setback.


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    Ricecakes are almost pure starch and could cause you issues if your glucose handling is poor (common in candida sufferers), if you have trouble digesting starch, or if you have bacterial overgrowth in the small intestines. Tahini, seeds and quinoa contain proteins that could be allergenic, and are also incredibly high in omega-6 PUFAs, which could potentially cause issues. Bean sprouts shouldn’t cause any problems, and eggs are great as long as you’re not sensitive to the protein.

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