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    Suffered for fifteen years on and off with frequent painful urination. To summarise, five weeks ago woke up and it went crazy, super frequent and painful, doctors after testing over the years repeatedly for diabetes and sti’s among others suspected inflamed prostate or intestitial cystitis. Went on the IC diet immediately and started to think about when these symptoms first came on and ties in with 10 weeks antibiotics I had for a very bad tonsilitus case at fifteen years old alongside bad diet stress etc. Read about taking anti fungals and probiotics in addition to the diet and purchased grapefruit seed extract and olive leaf extract and have ordered oregano oil, using lots of garlic and wild oregano to cook with.

    I am pretty sure now it’s a candida issue, father is a celiac and suffered from candida issues in the past, I read the candida can get used to the anti fungals so it’s good to take the different ones on a cycle then I read another doctor saying take 3 or 4 different ones each day. What do people recommend? Is 3 types enough and should I cycle them or take all 3 each day?

    Also what other things would people recommend, my probiotic is 10 billion count I’ve ordered 30 billion to change to.


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    Go very easy on the antifungals until you know how you will react.

    Some I can take without any die-off symptoms, and some cause a fight-or-flight response.I cant take Olive Leaf 🙁

    There are mixed reaction to cycling the antifungals. Some say you should, some say it isnt a good idea until you know which ones are working. Your answers here will depend on the personal experiences of those on the forum most likely.

    Make sure you have vitamin C and maybe some herbal teas for the liver/kidney on hand incase you get really successful with an antifungal and it causes bad die-off. The die-off is temporary, but boy you want to avoid it happening strongly if at all possible.
    I *now* use Natural Detox by Celestial Seasonings tea for the milk thistle,echinacea,dandelion,red clover, licorice, and rooibose.
    These herbs keep the liver/kidneys filtering and protect them a little from the toxins that die-off is.

    I take tinctures now too, but you will find through trial and error what works for you best.


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    here’s an important post on rotating antifungals:–Why-we-SHOULDNT-do-it.aspx

    Keep in mind that the antifungals only kill the yeast and won’t cure your infection/infestation by itself…probiotics are what brings a cure in most cases.

    I recommend human derived probiotics. The only one available in the US is called HMF neuro. Ideally you want 10+ strains 30-120 billion+ cfu probiotics per day. You should start out with lower doses and work your way up over time. I recommend rotating probiotics more than antifungals.


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