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    YEAH!!! Okay, so I am finally coming up to day 15 of the diet… after a 14 day cleanse. Okay, so I started coconut oil on day 1, started salmon on day 4 or 5, started homemade kefir on day 10 or 11. SO, this sunday is day 15 and I went out and bought coconut flour to make coconut bread. I am excited. BUT, my question is… How am i supposed to know if it is too soon for the coconut bread? A lot of my symptoms are still there… acne breakouts, malabsorption, brain fog… How can i tell if the coconut bread is not right for me? should I wait longer until i start eating it?


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    In general you will “feel bad” when you eat foods that you are allergic to or that don’t agree with you. There are a wide variety of symptoms you could possibly get, so you really have to be “in-tune” with you body to notice any changes.

    Examples include IBS, heart palpitations, headaches, mucous production (cough), the leaky gut “burn”, muscle twitching, etc, etc (I could list maybe 10 more if I spent time on it). There is also “die off” reactions which is candida dying from the foods you eat, but you shouldn’t get this from foods on the allowed foods list.

    I use the coconut oil as a butter replacement!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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