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    I recently took up mountain biking and I really enjoy this and is good for my well being (what’s left of it )

    Will I be able to carry this on once I embark on the diet?
    I get lots of mucus out everytime I go
    what the typical time frame for being symptom free?
    Can anyone get to the gym after symptom free or before?

    Could I do press ups sit ups and pull ups daily to keep in shape?

    Also plan on doing some yoga daily

    I understand diet is key but I’m finding it hard to make a change I just feel so hopeless. It will happen though. It has to. I literally don’t feel like my body will last much longer baring in mind I’m 23

    Im reading daily trying to take in as much info as possible


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    Light exercise is a great way to boost your mood and immune system.

    But I would expect mountain biking is too vigorous for when you’re on the diet. Gentle cycling is actually preferred.
    Walking, light jogging, yoga all bring great benefit. In fact yoga is highly recommended. I am planning on taking it up once I finish my exams.

    The pull ups, sit ups, press ups etc are ok, as long as you do it under your own weight, just for toning, and not building. Otherwise more vigorous exercise can drain your body and make you feel really tired, because the diet is very demanding on your organs.

    You will likely be able to go to the gym after you get better, just listen to your body.

    Realistically you can get better after 6-18 months on the diet depending on your severity (could get better before then, but not ‘cured’ per se.

    Hope that helps 😉


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    Thanks for the info! I think ill just have to try the biking out when I’m on the diet.. I don’t mind if it drains me as il only be doing it at weekends and ill be able to come home and rest afterwards

    Maybe ill walk up the hills and use gravity as my energy to get back down

    Thanks again.



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    I would try to do flat biking for a few miles at a time to start out (on roads) and then work your way up to mountain biking regularly after like 6 months or so depending on how you are doing. You really need to try to heal you immune system at first imho and save your energy for healing.


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