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    Hello, my name is ‘BoJo’. I am a 24 year old female that has been on the Candida Diet for about 2-1/2 months. I started this life changing diet all because of information I have received from a friend and continuous yeast infections that did not go away no matter what I tried.

    It started with a couple of friends planning on taking a trip to North Dakota for a friends graduation. So I contacted my friend to see if she still wanted to take the long road trip to a fun filled weekend. Her response was that she was down to go except she was not going to drink with us. My first thought on this was “Well that’s lame. If my friend is not going to want to party with me then I’ll be the only drunk one. That’s no fun.” So we decided not to go for several reasons, not just the reason that she can not drink.

    I asked her over several weeks why she can not drink because every time us girls get together we all seem to have quite a few beverages and try to have some adventure to go on :). She did not really answer me to why she was on it other then she had an overgrowth of yeast in her body. To me that did not really make a whole lot of sense and I am the type of person that will ask several questions to understand how, what, and why things are what they are and she was not really answering my questions.

    So over these several months of trying to get out of her what this diet was that she was on I was finally got the answers I was looking for. She started to tell me her story (I would love to tell her story because hers is far more interesting than mine but it is not my place so I will let her do that if she decides to do so)and all her symptoms where before she started it and she kind of “self-diagnosed” her self . So of course I continued to badger her and ask questions because everything that she had I seemed to have. She was telling me what Candida does to the body and why my body is acting the way it is acting.

    After hearing all this “shocking” news about what may possibly be doing this to my unhealthy life style I started the diet the very next day. I totally went cold turkey as best as I could but man am I glad I did it that way. I feel that if I would have ‘weened’ myself off of ‘regular’ food then I probably would not have done it at all. I love food way too much to want to cut anything out.

    Overall, I did not feel that my lifestyle was unhealthy. I was very cautious of what I ate due to the fact that I have educated my self on nutrition but I must not have been doing as good of a job as I thought I was doing. I later found out that I was not eating healthy at all and I was starting to let myself go in many ways not just what I was consuming.

    This diet has been life changing! I am very aware of what certain foods do to my body. What others are harmful and some that are very beneficial.

    The symptoms that have cleared up so far is my acne for the most part. I still have some and I think that is because my candida isn’t completely gone. I used to be extremely gassy and now I am not as much. I’ve realized that was because of the foods I have eaten. If I do seem to burp a lot after a meal, I do not eat that food item any more. One food that I can not eat that I used to eat a lot of was soy. My body does NOT like soy. The only symptom that I seem to not be able to get rid of is my yeast infections but I think the longer I am on it that too will go away :).

    One thing that I have realized about this diet is that it is different for EVERYONE. Some people can tolerate different foods while others can not. Experimenting is kind of the key to all of this. On what supplements seem to work and what foods bother you and which ones do not.

    I have come to find out that supplements are key (even though I tend to not take them everyday). The supplements that I use are by a brand called Nature’s Sunshine. I use herbal medicines and have for over ten years and will the rest of my life. This diet has increased my dislike for modern medicine due so many negative effects on the human body.

    Exercise is also very important (yes, I stack on that some times as well.) I try to keep it interesting because I get bored of things very easily and tend to quite. I have started getting several health magazines that recommend several work outs for the month so that helps with the consistent change of pace.

    There are days to where I want too have that slice of pizza that my boyfriend’s roommate ordered, so I cave and I have one. Later I realize why I don’t eat that way any more but that is why I do not mind so much that I cave. I have heard over and over again that it will set me back but the thing is that I personally need a reminder every now and then other wise I tend to loose sit of the bigger picture. I also plan on eating this way the rest of my life.

    This is a continues process and I am glad I am in this process. I convinced my boyfriend to do it was well and he is starting to have the die off symptoms right not but has already lost five pounds after only being on it for a couple of weeks.

    There is much more that I can put into this forum but maybe that will be for a different day.

    Thank you, BoJo

    This is the website to the products I use if anyone else wants it:


    *I plan on posting some recipes in the food forum. When I started this that was one thing I struggled with was I could not find or think of anything to eat.

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