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    I’m 24 and i started in winter which is when the body slows down and the worst time to start, but thats when it happened for me.

    I finally decided to tackle this demon i knew iv had for a few years now. I fooled myself into believing i was comfortable with my life, with the carefree candida life, and yet i wasn’t because deep down inside i knew i had it and i cared about that very much. My sex drive really decreased, my brain was a fuzz, i couldn’t deal with life it was all so scatted.

    The Candida diet was so much more than just a change of what i ate.
    I became even more tired, i got sick, i got itchy i began to feel… die off. Though the struggle i have started developing new found mental strength to get though these times. Also gaining self discipline in order to keep drinking all the water, exercising, taking the supplements ect. I rekindled my determination and despite falling on my face a few times with smoking i keep on fighting. I also started to listen to my body like i never did before, i respect the pains more now and realized the body talks too. Oh and lastly i learned to socialize without relying on booze.

    Its so much better to face the shit than pile it under the carpet where it can fester into much worse.

    I’m still not completely healed, not sure how long iv got but i’m exercising true will.
    The will to heal, i’m no longer on automatic i’m on manual or dare i say rewriting it.

    Thank-you to everyone on this forum who shares there words of wisdom, it is an invaluable part of my progress.

    xxx Bouncy


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    Sounds as if you are on your way ! Congratulations on the improvements so far. Best of luck in facing continued healing.


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    Thanks for sharing! It’s always encouraging to see that others have struggled through this but have found that it IS worth all the trouble… I just started last month and it is HARD!!!
    Personal question: have you found that your sex drive is back to normal? Hoping mine will be… 🙂 Am constantly feeling hungry and the itching, tiredness and stomach issues are not fun at all, but am determined to see this through.
    I just keep thinking…This better work.

    Keep it up!!!


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    Feelinbetter;48419 wrote:
    Personal question: have you found that your sex drive is back to normal? Hoping mine will be…

    Not yet, but fingers crossed.


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    Hey that is great to hear that! Well done on doing so well and keeping so determined.

    You mention learning to socialise without alcohol, can I ask how you did this?! Or any tips?!

    I am having trouble with being the sober one at the pub, partly to do with my anxiety, but also a lot to do with energy- as the night goes on everyone else gets more energetic (drunk!) and I get more and more tired..

    Would love to hear how you were able to socialise without booze.


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    Katemate3;49019 wrote: Would love to hear how you were able to socialise without booze.

    Well i didn’t become super funny or super relaxed i just started to face me for who i am, somedays are easy some are hard i won’t deny that, but the more i do it the easier it gets , also i find doing some sit ups before going out helps me think more clear because the blood is flowing to my brain better which= more confidence and better jokes.


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    Congrats on the improvements – you are on the way! Definitely just keep sticking with the plan and the results will keep coming 🙂

    On the note about socializing without booze – I have been sober for going on 7 years, and honestly, the hardest part about going through that whole process was not stopping drinking, but re-learning how to interact. I went through 12-step recovery for a couple of addictions (alcohol goes hand in hand with another of mine), so I basically had to switch, as they say in AA, my “people, places, and playthings” and start hanging out with folks that didn’t just party all the time. It took me about a year to really learn how to talk to people and feel okay at bars without a drink in my hand (to this day, I still have to carry around a glass of water or I feel really itchy), but I found that the more time I spent sober around drunk folks, the more I really didn’t miss it that much, and the more I valued time spent with friends doing things outside of bars and parties. Obviously, I’m an alcoholic/addict so I probably drink a little differently than y’all, but regardless, it was a nice change of pace once I got through the growing pains of it.

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