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    Today is 4 weeks since I started this diet so I thought I would write an update and also what I do now hoping for some good advice.

    I believe that I have had some form of candida overgrowth most of my life because I had to take a lot of antibiotics when I was a kid and again when I was teenager and have been experiencing some symptoms not knowing they are most likely candida related. But I lived healthy, ate healthy diet, lots of good veggies salads or cooked, lots of garlic, olive oil, homemade kefir, cereal in the morning was the only sweet stuff and that one was not the very sweet kind. I exercised, drank lots of water and was in great shape. I say that I had candida overgrowth most of my life is because some of the problems I had were recurring but none of the doctors knew or cared why. Some of them are: constant vaginal infections (like every few months or even more often, it was better for about 10 years I lived the way I described earlier), chronic dry eye and eye infections, dry skin, frequent rashes, chronic cough without apparent reason and coughing after eating worse in the morning etc. I just learned to live with them.

    Close to 3 years ago I gave birth to my twin girls and after that all my energy was focused on them and I started to go downhill in terms of my healthy lifestyle. I started eating junk, started drinking coke, eating sweets (thought I would have more energy to care for them), ate lots of bread instead of cooked meals as I was working and nanny cooked for girls, worked daytime and then at night after I put girls to sleep often til 3 or 4 am etc. Last summer I started to feel bad, very tired all the time, my vaginal infections were more frequent than usual, my eyes were constantly red and I had something resembling eczema on my hands that appeared after I gave birth and was on an off, and worse of all I got some weird dizziness and irregular heartbeats. In October it got really bad, I ended up in hospital several times and got no diagnosis. Since I had a constant diarrhea for almost 4 months straight and lost more than 20lbs during that period of time, I ended up at specialist for infectious diseases and he sent me to do stool sample tests. One showed up candida species at 25%. At that point I was sick of doctors and rolling eyes and telling me that all this is in my head and it’s stress which is causing my symptoms and found this website and started the diet. I am so happy I did!

    My past symptoms:
    – dizziness
    – loss of balance
    – loss of appetite
    – feeling cold all the time, icy cold hands/legs
    – vaginal infections
    – dry eyes
    – diarrhea
    – fatigue, tiredness
    – feeling of lack of oxygen
    – blue fingernails
    – chronic cough and phlegm
    – mild panic attacks and moodiness (so unlike me)
    – chest pain, lymph pain under arms and neck
    – constant noise in intestines right after eating anything
    – severe dehydration and severe dry mouth
    – lump in the throat
    – thick yucky toenails on big toe
    – noise in my ears
    – pale/gray face and skin
    – dry skin

    So I started the diet a little backwards. I used the one on the website first and had an awful die-off for almost two weeks. I was so weak, my muscles felt like they are not mine, numbness in arms and legs, nausea, severe fatigue, dizziness got worse, diarrhea got even worse, my hands were bloody with broken skin… I was going to give up thinking something else is wrong with me and I am sure I will die, but luckily I found this forum and got some encouragement to proceed. Thank you all!

    After two weeks from hell, my symptoms started to withdraw and slowly it improved. Diarrhea is gone, vaginal discharge was receding and infection was clearing up, my eyes were no longer dry, I got rid of the dehydrated feeling and actually produce some saliva in the mouth, the noise in the intestines is gone, I cough rarely (and only after having magnesium as I could not find one that does not contain any sugar), my fingernails are almost nice and pink color, I don’t feel as though I have a lack of oxygen I breed normally now, irregular/raised heartbeat shows up only an hour or so after eating if I have few antifungals in the meal or after coconut bread/coconut chips, I had chest pain once or twice and this seemed to be caused by the stomach acid, I am resembling my old self always smiling and happy and I do not have the constant fear in my veins, my ORL reduced the dosage for my balance disorder as it seems to be improving, my hands are almost healed and my skin doesn’t seem so dry, noise in my ears is reduced, I finally got some color to my face and skin and don’t resemble a walking dead anymore. I seem to have more energy, although I’m not 100% there yet. Energy wise now I’m at pre-October state which doesn’t seem bad after those 4 terrible months.

    So I messed up my diet at the beginning, I ate lots of meat thinking I’m feeling bad due to lack of protein and iron, and I ate a lot of brown rice, drank purchased yoghurt (until I got a hold of kefir grains), used table salt etc. But slowly I am switching to the forum strict diet while waiting for supplements from US (molybdenum, candida clear, SF722 undecenoic acid). Here is my current schedule:

    2-3 eggs & 1-2 slice of coconut bread or 1-2 slices of coconut bread with butter or 3 egg/spinach omlet
    lemon water
    16mg betahistin (balance disorder prescription)
    1000mg of C, 300mcg biotin, 300mg magnesium

    Lemon water
    Large salad (different combinations of: lettuce, red cabbage, bell pepper, tomato, parsley, raw broccoli, raw cauliflower, fennel bulb, rutabaga, boiled egg or chicken breast, olive oil, lemon or apple vinegar, sea salt, pepper, basil, oregano)
    OR (two or three times per week) some meat or fish (chicken, turkey, beef, liver, sardines) with sauteed or steamed veggies (spinach, collard greens, zucchini, broccoli + leaves, cauliflower + leaves, green beans, eggplant, okra, cabbage, tomatoes, brussel sprouts) with olive oil and spices (parsley, garlic, oregano, basil, black pepper…)

    Afternoon snack:
    Coconut chips, egg, coconut bread if I get very hungry, or leftover breakfast/lunch

    Lemon water
    2-3 eggs with 1-2 slices of coconut bread or cooked/steamed veggies (sometimes solo and sometimes with meat on “meat/fish days”) or sauerkraut salad with olive oil and garlic and paprika or small mixed salad (as for lunch but smaller)
    lemon water
    16mg betahistin (balance disorder prescription) and ginkgo 80mg (circulation prescription related to the balance disorder)
    1000mg of C, 300mcg biotin, 3240 IU A with 1080 IU of D3, 200 IU of E
    Kefir (400-500ml)

    Before bedtime (or if I forget I take it at night if I wake or hour before breakfast):
    Probiotic (currently I’m on Biorela, the highest count I could find here, 20 milliard which I think is 20 billion in US talk – 20 x 10 to the 10th, and it has these five: Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, Lactobacillus paracasei Lpc-37, Bifidobacterium lactis Bi-07, Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04, Bifidobacterium bifidum Bb-02)

    I managed to find 100ml of coconut oil and also I have about 100ml of black seed oil (also an antifungal). Sometime next week I am getting two bottles of Molybdenum 150mcg 100 count per bottle, Candida Clear by Now Foods two bottles. Possibly I am getting more Molybdenum and SF722 undecenoic acid from a friend in Canada.

    I am taking it easy until I get molybdenum as I do get pain in my kidneys and liver and also I get dizzy after eating certain foods such as coconut, garlic, kefir etc. I don’t want to trigger lots of die-off although I am experiencing some, that could not be helped.

    My current cheats:
    – I was unable to find a real coconut flour so I’m using the coconut flour used for cakes and cookies (it’s what you see on the outside of Rafaello cookies). I tried to grind it up but it releases oil and then it gets all sticky and it didn’t work. I mix in a little of the buckwheat or millet flour to make a consistency of the bread better. Otherwise the coconut does not take in eggs and oil, it floats at the top and eggs bake at the bottom. I hope I am not breaking the rules too much with this. I wanted to stop the weight loss so I ate a lot of this bread, now I try to limit myself to 3-4 slices per day.
    – Some of the meds/supplements I take contain some disallowed stuff. Betahistin contains micro crystal cellulose. Biotin also contains that plus tons of other stuff I can’t pronounce (Natural Wealth Biotin), vitamin E contains gelatin and vegetable glycerin and soybean oil, magnesium (Bioelectra magnezij 200 direkt) contains lemon acid and artificial sweetners (aspartam, natrium ciklamat) as well as natrij citrat etc…
    – I get hungry at times long before dinner and have no coconut chips around so I eat some hazelnuts/almonds to get to the next meal.
    – I save water from cooking potatoes/carrots, strain it and use the water for soups, all other ingredients are diet approved. I read somewhere that you can take the liquid from cooking carrot/potatoes but not eat the vegetable itself. Cooking water contains minerals and nutrients but without the starch. I hope this is correct. If not then I’m cheating the diet.
    – most vegetables I can eat just with olive oil and spices, but some (such as brussel sprouts) are not that great in plain form so I cook a cup of quinoa or ammarinth and mix up with the veggies to make a kind of risotto.

    Hope my cheats are not too bad for the progress.

    So in summary, I don’t think I am healed, probably far from it, but I feel a lot better and I think I had a big batch killed off during that die-off period I experienced (I was attacking it with everything I had in house: tons of raw garlic, olive oil, oregano, onions, chamomile, yoghurt/kefir, probiotic) and I now managed to return to the condition I had last summer which is actually great after all that I’ve been through since then. I plan to get rid of it completely, if I can. I hope I can.

    All comments and suggestions are welcome. We are all here on this forum for support. I feel so alone in this as everyone I speak to about this condition are totally clueless, many don’t seem to believe in it although they do see I am much better and generally they are confused. I read this forum morning and night and find tons of good info here as well as support even though you guys don’t know it directly. In any case thank you for being here on this forum and thanking God that I found it 🙂


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    So next week I will have two bottles of Candida Clear, two bottles of Molybdenum 150mcg, 100ml of coconut oil and 100ml of black seed oil. Can someone advise me on how to use these? I know Able is busy answering so many posts but I am hoping he will find time to offer his advice.

    I know that I must start Molybdenum first, but do I wait for the die off to disappear before starting with antifungals? Or do I start antifungals anyway? Do I use them all at the same time or one by one? What amount to start with and how quickly to increase dosage?

    Please keep in mind that I am a single mom working full time so I don’t have a luxury of being ill so this is why I’m trying to be careful with this. I do want to get rid of it, but must remain functional while doing so.


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    Hello, Orka.

    My own opinion is that one month on the diet is still too early to be eating beef and liver. Your infestation is far from being over and these two products only add to a more beneficial environment for the Candida by producing ammonia in your body.

    You’re going to need more than five bacteria strains to cure the infestation, unless you’re eating a large amount of homemade kefir and homemade yogurt. At least with this, you would have a better chance for a cure.

    If you had asked about the Candida Clear before you ordered it, we could have saved you the money. It’s probably not going to hurt, but the amounts are too small to make a difference.

    You seem to be doing quite well with the treatment, and I’m really glad that you feel so much better and the symptoms have decreased; however, this is a crucial time because it’s still so easy to reinstate the Candida population, and an important fact to realize is that there is a huge difference between feeling better and being Candida albicans free.

    To learn how to use the products you mentioned read the protocol and the “Molybdenum” link.





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    Thanks Able!

    Few more questions if you still have patience for me 🙂

    Do I need to throw out all liver or just beef liver? Would chicken or turkey liver be fine? During my sickness I was getting anemic and in life I was often anemic for whatever reason so I eat liver for the iron as it has tons of it. With cutting out red meat this would be one way to get that back. Another good way is drinking nettle tea but for some reason it bothers me. I’m not sure if it causes die-off or dehydration but I don’t feel well when drinking it. I have same experience with chamomile tea as well.

    For probiotic supplement, the one I am taking has the highest count. There is another one with 8 strains of bacteria but lower count (12 x 10 to the power of 9, I guess that’s 12 billion correct?). I wanted to do count first and then later switch to get more strains. I was taking two different ones, month each with much lower count until I found more options. I will see if someone can ship me something from US but until then I’m stuck with these. So my question here is how much kefir should I drink to compensate for lack of probiotic strains? Also, I am eating raw sauerkraut few times per week which also is probiotic, but I don’t know how significant this is in terms of probiotic count and strains. I do eat sauerkraut with raw garlic though, so it’s possible that I don’t get probiotic out of it since garlic might damage it, correct?

    I had two days of feeling like crap, weak, dizzy etc… If I manage to gulf down enough of the water I start to feel better so I’m guessing this is die-off. Now, I haven’t changed much in my diet so I’m not sure what caused the die-off. I did start that new probiotic (took a fifth dose last night) so possibly this one started to multiply by now and made a difference? I am careful with antifungals because I still don’t have molybdenum and I do not want to cause die-off. Can a coconut bread or coconut chips cause die-off (bread more than 3 slices, and keep in mind I am using actual coconut crumbs flour, and 50g of coconut chips)? Other things I ate on friday were eggs for breakfast + two slices of coconut bread, salad for lunch, slice of coconut bread for snack, handful of hazelnuts and almonds (this is the only thing different, I don’t usually eat nuts since I’ve adjusted my diet to the forum one but I was hungry and had nothing else at hand), baked sardines and sauteed cauliflower/broccoli leaves with olive oil and garlic for dinner, lemon water with each meal. Saturday I ate eggs + one slice of bread for breakfast, I was at my parents for lunch (it’s a weekend thing we do each weekend) and had to eat beef soup (all diet approved ingredients, mom was careful) plus small piece of cooked beef and raw sauerkraut with garlic and olive oil plus veggies from soup (onions, garlic, celery root and bell pepper), for dinner I had leftover sardines and cauliflower/broccoli leaves and 450ml of kefir, late snack was two slices of coconut bread (I was hungry).

    Yesterday and today I got up dizzy, my heart was pounding and slightly faster than usual, I felt weak, it felt strange in intestines, like I have to go to the bathroom, but stool was normal consistency, I felt some nausea, numbness in my limbs etc. After I swallowed like two quarts of water in an hour period, I started to feel better. I did have my second boiled egg as a snack (I managed to eat only one for breakfast and a slice of coconut/millet bread this morning – I added millet on this bread to make it more like bread). Right now I’m a little light headed but not that bad so it passed. I would like to be careful with die-off until I get molybdenum so your advice is much appreciated!

    Thank you in advance for your help!


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    Bumping post.


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