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Jorge, I am new in the forum and on the protocol. Please understand my reluctance to “unproven” methods. Not to say that your feelings of progress are not real, but until you’ve POSTED BACK in this forum that you are able to enjoy regular food and wine without experiencing any candida symptoms, how would anyone in their right mind try this unless they have exhausted all safe measures first?

The strict diet is very time consuming, but as far as I can tell, it’s harmless to try it.

Massive and continuous enemas are risky, we can all agree on that. It’s your body and your choice to take that risk. But please understand that we all on this forum are “pro-choice” and have different infestations and healing factors to consider.

I am on day 22. If come day 150 I am still suffering, and you post BACK here that you are completely cured, able to drink and eat whatever, with no long term side effects, then perhaps I would at least “think” about your success story.

But please be careful about telling others to experiment with their bodies. Suffering people can be desperate for answers, and it’s my opinion (that’s all) that natural, harmless methods should be exhausted first. That’s why I’ve decided to not take more drugs or antibodies to worsen my condition.

With that being all said, I truly hope you find peace and harmony in your life Jorge. I know you deserve it. Best of luck in your journey.