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Delyse wrote: Hi Jorge

Thanks very much for your answer.

I did yesterday three rounds of enemas ( i thought intitially that 3 rounds including nystatin is enough) and what I noticed that I could hold the water only two first rounds and the third round I put nystatin water and could not hold at all. I was quite disappointed. I think because my colon was still full of water from previous rounds, though I thought that I expelled all water.

Jorge, how long do you wait between rounds? It takes me about 10-15 mins at least. And the whole thing takes at least an hour.

In previous posts you told me that you have dilution of 500 000 units in water. Now I am thinking about it and getting confused.

What I do, I crash two pills, each of them is 500 000 units and dilute in two cups of water. Is it the same concentration as you use?

Because I think my equations are wrong. The powder which chemist can order is 5 000 000 units. May be after dilution of 1/4 of a teaspoon of 5 000 000 of nystatin in water ( two cups)will give the same concentration which you use ?

Please help me with this.

Sorry again for all these questions, but I am still not clear about it.


Thanks also for your time.



You should use the Nystatin in the last round only. It is enough 500 000 units in 8 ounces of water. I am sorry if I wrote 5 000 000 in another post.
Yes, you have to spend around 1 hour doing the process. Be sure to empty the colon first using only water. The colon empties by parts, rectum, cecum, and transverse colon. It is important that you use gravity and allow the water to penetrate deep and reach the cecum. If the colon isn’t really empty, you can not hold the Nystatin for a while. Anyway, the Nystatin is sticky and will be inside the colon even if you expel the water.
The thing is to do it every other day religiosity. It takes some time but you will feel better soon. Check the toilet, specially during the first round and the last one. It is the time that most fungal colonies are pushing out.

You will win the battle sooner that what you can image.!