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dvjorge wrote: I think colonics are a lot more aggressive than enemas. Enemas are giving me results and have given results to people with CRC. I don’t see the reason to go for colonics.

Like I said, I can’t speak for enemas. The aim is delivery of the antifungal, rather than aggressively flushing out the bowel like colonics, and what you say about a direct route to the colon makes a lot of sense. I’d still be cautious about doing them frequently. Lowering candida numbers is one thing, but if the gut flora becomes significantly weakened, wouldn’t you risk being back where you were after taking antibiotics?

Also on colonics. They’re very popular in Japan, since many women tend to suffer from constipation. Colon cancer is the biggest cause of cancer death for women in the country. Speculative link, but colonics obviously aren’t doing anything to help the situation.