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Hi Jorge

I am sorry to ask you so many questions about candida enemas but I am so determine to cure myself as I am 11 weeks on the diet and still have symptoms and strong reactions. I must admit that I eat poultry and fish but only because I have egg and dairy allergy. They are my main source of protein. I also only eat veggies which are on the strict diet list. I am allergic to coconut oil, I have recently checked with kinesiologist.

I noticed that my symptoms almost disappear after enema, straight away.

I noticed in my stool after enemas some cucumber seeds like. I don’t eat anything that would cause it. I google it on Internet and all answers are that it must me some segments of tape worm. I think it caused by taking Diatom Earth powder. So it is another area to cure- parasites.

My question is about nystatin enemas. You told that you dilute 1/4 of a tea spoon of Nystatine powder in 8 ounces of water( it is only one cup) but in other posts you told that you do 16 ounces in one round. Does it mean that you run 16 ounces of water with nystatin powder, then obviously doubled the size to 2/4 of a teaspoon? Is it correct?

I am sorry, I just want to make it right as I can see it from your example.

At the moment I am crushing nystatin pills as I don’t have access to powder form but they don’t well at all.. It so annoying that Australian chemists can’t help much.

They advised me that they can make capsules so I can open and place the powder inside then in the water, but it is very expensive. I think I will do that option.

Thanks very much for your help.