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phil1 wrote: I’m on week 7 of the strict part of the diet and already on probiotic pills so I think I’ll start on the yoghurt a small amount at a time. I was confused as to why we are allowed this product as its relatively high in sugar but it sounds like it is thought that the benefit of the bacteria outweighs the negative of the sugar.

Hello, Phil.

You’re right about the benefits of yogurt outweighing the negative aspects of sugar and even dairy.
Be sure to purchase only the organic non-sweetened Greek yogurt. This should contain no more than nine grams of sugar per serving. Two excellent brands are Oiko’s and Fage.

If you’ve not had it before starting your treatment, I would start with only about three teaspoons in the beginning. Wait 48 hours before having more to see if you have a reaction to it. If not, you could eat this amount for perhaps two or three days, then slowly add another serving each day of a few more spoonfuls. Watch for Candida reactions and if you receive any at all, wait at least a week before trying it again.


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