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Have you ever had any testing done? If you can’t tolerate gluten and your digestion isn’t perfect, you should be treating the stuff like cyanide. It can take months to recover if gluten is the problem, and even a trace amount can prevent the intestines from completely recovering. If you’ve developed leaky gut, which sounds likely given the allergies, you’re at risk of the auto-immune diseases that wheat can cause. In fact, I’d be testing thyroid function as a priority, because it’s at risk as long as wheat toxins can enter the blood, and any dysfunction can cause a catalogue of escalating symptoms.

What Able said about diet, digestion, supplements, rest and immunity shows that adrenal fatigue is probably a symptom of poor health rather than a cause of anything itself. The adrenals respond to the signals they’re given. If they’re not pumping out enough cortisol, there must be a reason behind it. Taking a holistic approach is the best way to get to the bottom of it. I do think a hormone profile would give you some interesting info if you haven’t already had one done though. In the meantime, I’d avoid ketosis and strenuous exercise because these require large amounts of cortisol and disadvantage the thyroid.