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Floggi wrote:  
Extremely unlikely, especially for the younger (very well educated) doctors. It’s even unfair to say this as a generic statement toward all older doctors.

1) Floggi, you generalise about doctors yourself so you have to be careful with your outspoken negativity whenever you post if you’re going to criticise peoples’ reasoning, you can be guilty of using the same type of reasoning. I remember you generalising about American doctors and doctors from Netherlands, that you were saying they were better than American ones was the general gist of your statement, well sorry, that’s a generalism too. So either you’re going to accept other people generalising in their arguments, or you’re going to stop generalising yourself. What’s it going to be?

2) What do you mean by “educated” with regard to younger doctors? If you’re talking about formal education, I would be very surprised that universities teach anything about this illness that most of the people of this website suffer. If you’re not talking about formal education, what type of education are you talking about? Not experiential education surely, because it would be hard to argue that younger doctors are experientially more educated than older doctors. So obviously, you’re talking about some other education rather than these two… what education are you talking about?

3) Maybe you should try and adopt a more supportive role in the forum, particularly towards newer people who are in distress and in need of help. The last thing they need is some cranky old woman rebutting every query they have.

4) Raster, most of what you said I don’t agree with.