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Floggi is a coincidence theorist. Plain and simple.

I went to three different doctors. 2 said I was fine, and to stop reading things off the net. This is horrible advice. Anyone who tells you to stop educating yourself is compromised. The third Doctor I saw completely agreed with me, assessed me and confirmed it. And then prescribed anti fungals that didn’t do a darned thing. When it didn’t work, she said “Well, lets just try it again….”

I gave up on the Doctors. And have relied on myself, and the research of the few Doctors around the world who actually care. Surprisingly, Japan, and South American Doctors lead the way. And provide a lot of insight and help.

What is a common denominator, is anything that is tied to the success of big Pharma, will not promote or perpetuate truthful information about alternatives to their medicines. Not a conspiracy theory, just my well researched opinion.

Also, if you are going to accuse people of being conspiracy theorist, at least know what a conspiracy is, and how it is defined.

As a healthcare employee, and someone who has a Doctor for a father, it is scary what they claim to know. I grew up going to the pharmaceutical retreats and conventions at ski resorts that piled in Doctors from around the country. It is sick. These companies would co-opt doctors with false information, basically putting lipstick on a pig. And 99% of these Doctors would eat it up, along with all the booze and free gifts. I grew up watching it. My own step father grew a conscience one day and became ill with guilt over this stuff.

It is real. Deal with it.