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Able900 wrote: Quote: “since my diet is already very limited i don’t have as much freedom as most of you have when it comes to diet.”

Reply: We need you to explain the statement above. If you have alternate illnesses, we should know about them if we’re going to give you advice about a diet. Or, if your infestation is already in the septic state, then we need to know that as well. Treatments can vary depending on the level of the infestation.

yeah you are right !!
i will be starting to take digestive enzymes cause my IBS-D is not a huge fan of veggies and i get bad gas eating them. and i will start on probiotics as well…i do take Calcium supplements and thats it. my stomach isn’t a fan of Magnesium either..
my questions

is that if i start with probiotics and enzymes how long should i wait to start those anti-fungals ??

do i take the anti-fungals from the beginning of my diet and stage 1 ??

how do i know if the anti-fungals are effective if i’m taking 4 all at the same time.
that doesn’t sound right to me :S

is it true that Fish and chicken or sea food or not allowed in the stage 1 ??