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“is there any specific order to taking probiotics or anti fungals ?? like i have to start with one first then wait and see if i should add anti-fungals for example?”

Reply: No, as I stated in the last post, as long as you start each one two weeks apart from the next and last one you started you’ll be doing it correctly.

“when they say Probiotics and anti-fungals cancel each other out, what do they mean by that ?? does it mean don’t eat them together at the same time ?? or in the same period of time ?”

Reply: It means they don’t know what they’re talking about. However, a probiotic should always be taken on an empty stomach for better absorption and efficiency.

“if you experience die-off symptoms with only one type of anti-fungals is there any reason to take more ?”

Reply: You can take whatever you want to, all or none. It’s all up to the person taking the supplements. You asked questions, and we’re answering them with the experience and research we’ve gathered over the past months. Most people took or are taking all of the ones I’ve named because they want to be well again as soon as possible.

“if you take one type of anti-fungals and had no effect do u have to add another one and keep taking the first one that didn’t work ?? (i’m asking that since i notice people around here take up to 4 different types and i’m assuming they must have a good reason for that)”

Reply: The antifungals I’ve named will kill Candida, all of them, there’s no question about that. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to be cured in a manner of days. And people take more than one antifungal because they’re all different and as
I just stated, most people want to do everything possible in order to destroy the infestation and be well again.

By the way, you’re not exactly taking this one day at a time which is what I suggested you need to do in an earlier post.