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impossible;53597 wrote:

Thanks impossible to have pointed out those interesting notes about immuno-weakness but it’s not my case.
I recently took my blood tests and all lymphocites and leucocytes are in normal range.
I have instead high value of ferritine in blood which could be more referred to an inflamation rather than an infection. The body react to inflamation by increasing the ferritine level in liver as natural response to inflamation and the liver could be very stressed cause that. In fact my ALT/AST are increasing too. For my doctor everything is connected to candida…
Since im fighting with antifungals and candida is in remission phase my ferritine recently lowed too so i suppose that exist some connection with it.

Was your lymphocyte panel just the normal cd4/cd8/cd19 numbers? Thats not going to rule out a Th2 dominant/overactive type scenario.

The panel scan throughout different types that i dont know how to translate in english.
I believe they take the absolute limphocytes values but i have to ask to the lab if they take into account th1/th2 too.