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QUESTION: I feel I need to take the probiotic to help repopulate the good flora. I have both HMF replete AND Megaflora (both from this board). Which one should I start with?

I agree that you definitely need to be taking probiotics. I would start with the Megaflora and take the HMF after you’ve completed the Megaflora.

SECOND QUESTION: Should I hold off on the molybdenum until I have a bit more strength back? Is the Molybdenum to help the symptoms of die-off or does it actually do the die-off so you feel better?

The molybdenum will help protect you from the die-off toxic effect of the probiotics killing the Candida. It’ll also protect your liver. I would also consider taking Candidate by Native Remedies to make the die-off effect even less noticeable.

Would love to hear from others how their die off was and for how long. I have our family vacation planned August 4-20th. I don’t want to be lying in bed. Need to have some energy for that.

I can’t tell you how long the die-off effect will last because it’s all dependant on the severity of your infestation and how you go about the treatment.
I would suggest not taking an antifungal, kefir or coconut oil but only the probiotic at this time. This will lessen your chance of feeling bad during your vacation time. You can start these things one at a time after your vacation period. When you’re ready, start with virgin coconut oil.