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Hi Javizy,
Someone (I can’t find it now) sent me an article from Livestrong about reactions to whey that involve histamine and joint pain. (I would love to be able to eat whey since I’m an athlete.)

This is what I know. I was on Able’s diet and saw a local nutritionist because I was concerned with the newly developed ringing in my ears. She was not helpful with that -you, I think, mentioned eating more food. -but I still have the ringing.

Before I was on Able’s diet I had very achy joints. Two weeks into the diet my joints were fine.

The nutritionist told me to start using whey since she was concerned about my protein intake. She also said I could use cottage cheese. She suggested I add berries as well. I did this and within 4 days my joints got so inflamed I could barely move. I stopped the whey and cottage cheese. but have kept eating blueberries (I couldn’t resist this time of year). It’s been about 10 days now and my joints are better but not back to pain free.

I’m just learning about kefir and failed my first go round with making it. (It might have been too hot in my house.) Now I’m trying water kefir. (Looks like I was misspelling it too! LOL)