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This forum has been SO helpful! But there is a lot of information and it can become overwhleming- and sometimes I miss things.

I’ve just started the cleanse this morning. I’ve eased my way into it, slowly weeding out the problem foods, then moving into mostly veggies and today I plan to day begin the cleanse. But I just noticed that the molybdenum is supposed to be taken 3 days BEFORE the cleanse. I was going to go purchase some today (if I can even find it in a store.

Since it needs to be taken 3 days prior, should I just wait and start the cleanse once I start taking the molybdenum, or would it be okay to start taking the molybdenum even though the cleanse has started.
I’m pretty ansty to get this thing started and get my body on track, so I’d rather not wait, but I want to do it right.

Also want to thank ajourni for posting that schedule- very helpful and I will borrow it for my cleanse/diet.