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Able thanks for the copy. I will put it with my bible. The two seem to walk hand in hand getting me through life.

I’m saddened that you were putting any time or energy into defending something that literally changed my life and with out it I fear I would be back at square one.

I posted before and got into hot water how sad I am that someone like yourself who has given literally 100,000’s of hours researching, helping and responding to our needs has been “bullied” into changing the website or beaten down enough to stop responding or helping others.

If you had not been here when I first came I don’t know where I would be.

The medical society in my neck of the woods said this problem does not exist, or was in my head, or give it time and it will get better…but not ONE of them told me about a diet to get the sugar out of my system. When I first found the web site I started the diet right away. However I was not healing…that was because I was not using your diet. Using the diet on the website would have never given me the type of healing I got when I went on your diet.

Your diet was from trial and error. Real people, real experiences, real research. It worked beautifully as long as you don’t venture off it :). Something so valuable in healing is not something that should become a debate. If someone wants to try something different fine…let them. If they have a reaction they can go back and kick themselves and say that was stupid I should have listened (voice of experience speaking here).

I’m still frustrated. I had no idea that “problems” caused it to be removed. That was one of the greatest parts of the forum. I could be shopping and pull up the link on my phone and always have it with me to look at. I will be sure to print copies and put it in car, purse, classroom, home etc. It is such a valuable tool and such a shame to be lost here when it has helped so many of us. UGH…I’m sorry Able.

PS: Back at hospital for mother in laws surgery this morning…have packed all my food before I came. I am learning each and every day thankfully to you and others 🙂