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I would try about a quarter of a Granny Smith apple in the beginning when adding new foods. The cashews I would hold off until another month has passed. If you receive no reactions, you could eat a quarter of the apple every day for about four days, I’d leave them alone for three to allow your body to cleanse any sugars.
If you’ve not added homemade kefir or yogurt to your diet yet, or even purchased Organic Non-sweetened Greek yogurt, you could add one of these for extra calories (energy) as well as protein. Also, oat bran bread is a great ‘filler-upper’ and will also help with the energy.


Thanks Able but to be honest I really don’t like yogurt, plus I saw it last night at Whole Foods and noticed it was like $2 per container so that would get quite expensive as well.

Not even sure what kefir is but I’ll do a search on here and find out. I do see it mentioned quite a bit.

Is there a recipe for the oat bran bread? I’ve been eating the coconut bread and I sometimes add buckwheat flour when I make it.

Again everyone keeps mentioning reactions. The only real problems I have/had are cold hands and feet, a little white stuff on my tongue that I assume is/was thrush but it looks nothing like some of the pics I’ve seen on here lately and some anxiety when out in public. Its hard to explain, I just get the overwhelming feeling that I want to go home as funny as that sounds. Are these things that would show up immediately after I eat something that I shouldn’t?

Also let me mention that I have had a weird feeling in my left cheek just under my eye. This has been going on for maybe 6 months. My dentist said that I had an impacted wisdom tooth so I assumed it was coming from that. A few weeks ago I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out but the weird feeling is still there so now I’m wondering if its candida related. I also refused anti-biotics from the oral surgeon but I did take hydrocodone for pain. I didn’t want to but trust me I had to, to relieve the pain from having them extracted. Also I did not take any of my supplements/anti-fungals during this week because I felt like crap.

One more thing, the weird feeling in my cheek followed an ear infection that I had back in April and of course I was given anti-biotics. One round didn’t work so they gave me sterroids as well which shot my blood sugar up and almost made me go crazy. That was probably the worst few weeks of my life. I had the stomach issues before that but was eating very unhealthy and not checking my blood sugar like I should have. I am paying for it now and trying to get my body back in order and healthy.

I will say that I have completely changed the way I eat and went from 210 to 165 lbs. I feel much better and know that I will beat this but like everyone else, it has been a struggle and that’s an understatement.

Oh yeah, forgot to add. My ears used to get really itchy but that hasn’t happened in a while. The fatigue seems to be gone too but I do have a post nasal drip that is aggravating. It seems to be worse after meals which I’m assuming is due to leaky gut or some type of allergy.