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I generally follow the foods to eat list quite stringently. Again, I haven’t performed the 7-day cleanse so maybe I need to start from square one, but the only weakness I have is basically in eating a lot of nuts and seeds of which I soak.


2 eggs scrambled (with coconut oil or olive oil)
some kind of meat
sliced garlic
red and white onions (maybe some bell peppers)

I generally sautee the garlic and onions and then add meat and eggs


I have been using Quinoa a lot lately as a filler

today I had:

quinoa with chicken thigh, spinach orange and red bell peppers, chili peppers, white and red onions olive oil, cumin powder, cayenne powder, chili powder, chili flakes and ginger. All pan fried with Olive oil.


Had the same as lunch and had some kimchi that I made.

I do cheat a little and have 1/2 a cup of decaf coffee every so often. Outside of that it’s water and herbal teas. 😐