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Positivo wrote: Hey everyone
I’m just curious about how long people have been fighting candida. I’ll start with my mine and I’ll keep it short. My symptoms revolved around digestive issues, fatigue, minor brain fog, white coating on tongue and I developed slight sensitivities to gluten, dairy, corn, tomatoes and I remember the day I experienced my first serious symptom. It was around late August 2010. I was on the train and I had the worst case of diarrhea and I had to run out the train and find a bathroom fast. This was the same day I finished a big container of Monster Mass protein powder. I recently went back and looked up the ingredients for ALL the supplements I took and I took many in the hopes of building muscle. What a mistake this was. I took this stuff for months. The ingredients contained every harmful sugar known to man and there was an ingredient that I looked up on Wikipedia and it said plain and straight forward that it is a toxin. I do not understand how they companies can get away with using these ingredients. In 2010, 2011 and 2012 I used antibiotics. One course was actually during my current treatment unfortunately because I had pink eye and it was pretty bad. I hope this doesn’t set me back too far as I still have made progress. I believe poor diet, several antibiotics and the horrific ingredients in the supplements I took led me here. Lesson learned I guess. So my fight has been under 2 years. Just curious about everyone else. Everyone is welcome to share.

Stay positive.

I used to gobble down those powders too until I learnt better. Your right, its horrific some of the stuff they put in them to make them taste like that & they are not cheap either. If you don’t have candida, unflavoured organic whey protein isolates actually has some healthy benefits healthy if you don’t over use it.

Ironically when it hit me, 15 months ago, my diet was as good as it ever had been. Its taken me until this year to work out what it was though, the dizziness was diagnosed as labyrinthitis so all my treatment was focussed on that, and i’ve taken a double dose of antibiotics during that 15months spell.

GP’s in this country should be called antibiotic agents, because they love selling them.