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Interesting to see another bodybuilder here.

My first symptoms started two and a half months ago. Two of the worst months of my life.

I made a post about it already, but I believe that my overall bad diet, especially after I was getting over an infection is was did me in. After reading up on candida, it now looks like I was consuming everything that will cause an overgrowth. After having an infection with severe diarrhea and then eating tons of peanuts, chocolate filled protein bars with artificial flavors, drinking tons of milk and casein protein powder, my stomach just couldn’t handle it anymore. My workouts suffered for a while and I think I was vitamin/mineral deficient looking back. Normally my diet wasn’t too bad, but during that time it was..and I also developed a strong craving for sugary foods and fast foods which I usually could stay away from.

Three years of hard work on bodybuilding down the tube ! The ONE positive part of my life has been stopped.

But yes, theirs plenty of protein powders I know regret taking, but I think it was the casein powder that really did me in because it was the same few nights of large does of milk mixed with casein powder that my symptoms really showed up.

The first few months I had never heard of Candida. I came to the conclusion that I have this problem through process of elimination. I had cut off dairy and seen improvements and then recently cut sugar and seen improvements but I’m still fighting this. Doctors seem to be clueless.